If you read this on the back….

….of a novel, would you want to read it?

What if the world we live in merged with another?
The Autumn of the Whitewood is an adult fantasy novel set in present-day middle America. The novel is currently at 131,000 words.
Elaine Castle is a biologist who finds herself in an odd new world when our world and another merges together. This new reality has untold dangers which she, her boyfriend, and the group she leads attempt to uncover.
Another danger emerges as Elaine finds that she has magical abilities. Magic in which if she were left untrained threatens to destroy her and those she loves. Only the elves can train her, leading to a heated love triangle.
In a world filled with dangers like goblins, banshees, orcs, dragons and a centuries-old war, The Autumn of the Whitewood follows Elaine and her friends on their journey to Connemaigh, an old elven stronghold, in the hopes of training her.


My first foray…

…into the blogosphere. I am currently working on a series of books. I have the first drafts of the first six books written and am working on the third draft of the first book. It has been an experience so far, one I would gladly take again. I foresee at least one more draft on this book and then I hope to send it out. Thankfully, I have honest beta-readers who know how to maul. These people have taught me a lot just by giving honest opinions.