Purchasing my books through me

You can now purchase my books through me and….they’ll be signed!

The Autumn of the Whitewood final-1-1

To purchase “The Autumn of the Whitewood” click on this link.

The Cliffs of Connemaigh revised

To purchase “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” click this link.

Shipping is for the continental US. For others, please contact me directly.


More channels are now carrying my books!


From a previous blog post I let you know that I was updating the cover of “The Autumn of the Whitewood.” That is now complete and has gone through the process of proofing and is now available. I also have submitted the books to new channels and they are now available on them! 😀

“The Autumn of the Whitewood”

“The Cliffs of Connemaigh”

For the next month, I’ll be offering a 25 percent off coupon at Smashwords for each book. For “The Autumn of the Whitewood” the code is NT23L. For “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” the code is JW79B. Enjoy!

Elaine-character-card-1-2 copy

Update on “The Chronicles of the Starborn” and “The Shadows of Winter”


Since my last update, I have finished the first draft of book 8, working title “The Winds of Asgaloc”, and have begun editing book 3, “The Shadows of Winter”. I have also worked more on the new cover of book 1, “The Autumn of the Whitewood” and have also began the process of working on the cover of “The Shadows of Winter.” Additionally,  I have set up sponsorship tiers on Patreon. You can click here to check out the sponsorship rewards. I still plan on removing my books from Kindle Select as well so they will be available at other stores. Whew! It’s already been a busy month!

Update on “The Chronicles of the Starborn”


I thought I’d give a quick update as to where I’m at in “The Chronicles of the Starborn”. I am almost done with the first draft of book 8, working title “The Winds of Asgaloc”. It appears that what I wanted to happen at the end of book 7, “Birthright”, will be occurring at the end of this book instead. There will be at least 9 books. After I finish this book, I will be going back to book 3, “The Shadows of Winter”, and editing. I am also working on revamping the cover of “The Autumn of the Whitewood” to make it fit more in the genre (the picture above is part of it). I am also going to be taking the ebook versions out of Kindle Select so they will be available on more sites soon. In addition, I have some ideas for gifts for my Patreon sponsors. If you’d like to visit my Patreon page, click here.