“The Chronicles of the Starborn” as a video game?

So another great question (this one’s a two part one) has come over Facebook from Ninett Aarmo. She asks:

Do you feel the series would make for a good video game adaption?

If so, what genre do you see best suited? Telltale Games style? RPG? MMORPG..etc..

Ooo, yes, I do actually. I could see the series translated rather well as a video game. There’s numerous routes that I could take as well, whether you’d play one of the main characters or a brand new character navigating the world. I think that would translate better. The main characters in the novel could be NPCs in it.

Oh boy. I could see any of those working. I will admit, though, I am a sucker for “The Elder Scrolls” games. I can definitely see something being done with Bethesda and a dozen others.


(This photo comes from TESRenewal. It’s from Skywind. Something I’m completely nerding out over.)