“The Autumn of the Whitewood” new cover!

As you may know, an artist (Asbjørn G Andvig) and I have been working on a new cover for “The Autumn of the Whitewood” for some time because I didn’t feel like it was indicative of the genre. It is completed. What do you all think? Do you like it?

The Autumn of the Whitewood final-1-1


Day 29, NaNoWriMo 2016

The second to last day is here! How goes your word counts? I’m now up at 69,731 words. I’ll break into 70k today and this one’s not looking even close to being done.

I’ve shared this picture before for NaNoWriMo inspirational pictures. I have always enjoyed it. I took it at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. It was part of their Sculpture in the Garden that they put on every year. Check them out here if you’d like to donate or visit the gardens. Good people. Enjoy!