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That’s right! “The Autumn of the Whitewood” ebook is free today on Amazon. Be sure to pick it up today at http://www.amazon.com/Autumn-Whitewood-Chronicles-Starborn-Book-ebook/dp/B00XJREWD2/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=&qid= Enjoy!


Why Genre Writing Matters

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Yesterday i spent a long drive down to Burlington, Wisconsin to play a board game with some old friends. Now, by old, i mean we aren’t old. Older than we were, for sure. But time’s a funny thing. You don’t see it passing, it just does and one day you’re 40 and you haven’t seen those people you grew up with for 20 years or so, but even that time… weird though it is… evaporates as soon as you are in a basement with dice in your hand playing a board game. Just like you used to do.

But this isn’t really about that. Maybe i’ll hold that one off for later.

This is about the writer i heard on the news radio station i was listening to on the way down there. I don’t remember her name, but i can tell you she’s a shakespearean professor of english and…

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Two more 5 star reviews


“C. D. Dennis has chosen to walk a dangerous path. Essaying to weave a story of Men, Elves and Orcs, of Magic, and of Swords pits her against the standard set by Middle Earth – a standard set by J.R.R. Tolkien and not even closely approached by any subsequent author. Nor will it ever be, I believe.

Surprisingly, this new author has managed to enter that world without doing it a disservice – in fact, she’s written a damn good story, taking the elements Tolkien, for all practical purposes defined, and adding her own shades and hues to them in a way that makes the world she creates able to be entered in its own right, and not as an imitation of any other. I’m not a fan of most of the swords and sorcerers genre; I find most of it superficial and silly. But Dennis’s characters are well developed, the plot has depth, complexity, and doesn’t resolve each dilemma in a few pages, leaving some for later stories. Dennis manages to add the one facet of human life (and, one supposes, of the life of elves) which Tolkien chose not to develop or even mention at all: sex. All too many of the modern attempts at this genre have swung far too much in the opposite direction, making the stories largely about sex – lots of it, mostly pointless or, worse, agenda driven. Dennis rounds out the world of men and elves with just the right admixture to feel……well, natural.

Dennis has style in her use of language. I would be willing to bet that she sees writing (at least fiction) as very similar to how she describes the sorcerers and sorceresses wielding magic – taking threads of various kinds, in varying proportions depending on what she is trying to write, and weaving them carefully together. Reading her words is an enjoyable experience.

I believe that The Autumn of the Wildwood is a book which will be enjoyed by intense Tolkien fans – and that is high praise, indeed. Everyone else who enjoys a good story, who likes the swords and sorcerers genre, or stories of Faerie and such, will love it as well. I await the appearance of Book 2 of The Chronicles of the Starborn.” — Amazon Reviewer, Richard White


“This book is absolutely amazing! A true work of art, and a book that you absolutely cannot put down. I recommend it to any one who wants to jump right into an adventure. Definitely a book suitable for any audience over the age of 18 or for a very mature teen. Keep the wonderfulness coming C.D. Dennis!!!” — Amazon Reviewer, Heather Potter

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The Autumn of the Whitewood cover