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Yes, you read that correctly. Would you like a signed copy of “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” for yourself or as a gift? If you do, you can purchase a copy or copies directly through me! Contact me through Facebook or Twitter and we can do this. The price is $14.99 plus shipping.

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The world is forever changed. Two dimensions are now one, and our heroine, Elaine Castle, a human, is navigating a world filled with dragons, orcs, and a mysterious enemy utilizing every power at its disposal to make sure that Elaine does not survive to unite the humans, Forest Elves, and Sky Elves. Our heroine is a wielder – a magic wielder, that is, and she definitely retains ancestral memory of being an elf, but is Elaine a helmannigr, a human born with an elven soul?

While she trains and her teacher tries to determine if she is, indeed, helmannigr, she fights with her blocks against two of the seven elements that all wielders have access to. These blocks are killing her, as magic kills the untrained. Is the answer in Connemaigh, the abandoned city of the Sky Elves that she arrived at in “The Autumn of the Whitewood”, or is it elsewhere in this new and dangerous world?

An epic fantasy with elements of romance, a hint of sci-fi, and a creative plot, “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” uses traditional fantasy tropes with new twists, and challenges the boundaries of the genre of fantasy. “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” is nominated for the Summer Indie Books Award hosted by Metamorph Publishing.


Two more awards nominations!

“The Cliffs of Connemaigh” is nominated for two more awards! One is the Choice Awards from Goodreads and another is from Read Free for the Best 50 Indie Books of 2016! Thank you all so much! 😀

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“The Cliffs of Connemaigh” is nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards 2016

You read that right! “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” is nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards 2016 under the fantasy genre. Metamorph Publishing is hosting the awards. Voting is currently underway and will continue until the 10th! If you wish to vote for “The Cliffs of Connemaigh”, you may do so here. It’s down towards the bottom. Thank you!

The Cliffs teaser