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You can now purchase my books through me and….they’ll be signed!

The Autumn of the Whitewood final-1-1

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The Cliffs of Connemaigh revised

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Shipping is for the continental US. For others, please contact me directly.


More channels are now carrying my books!


From a previous blog post I let you know that I was updating the cover of “The Autumn of the Whitewood.” That is now complete and has gone through the process of proofing and is now available. I also have submitted the books to new channels and they are now available on them! 😀

“The Autumn of the Whitewood”

“The Cliffs of Connemaigh”

For the next month, I’ll be offering a 25 percent off coupon at Smashwords for each book. For “The Autumn of the Whitewood” the code is NT23L. For “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” the code is JW79B. Enjoy!

Elaine-character-card-1-2 copy

Signed copies of “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” available for purchase!

Yes, you read that correctly. Would you like a signed copy of “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” for yourself or as a gift? If you do, you can purchase a copy or copies directly through me! Contact me through Facebook or Twitter and we can do this. The price is $14.99 plus shipping.

You can also purchase the unsigned copy at Amazon.

The world is forever changed. Two dimensions are now one, and our heroine, Elaine Castle, a human, is navigating a world filled with dragons, orcs, and a mysterious enemy utilizing every power at its disposal to make sure that Elaine does not survive to unite the humans, Forest Elves, and Sky Elves. Our heroine is a wielder – a magic wielder, that is, and she definitely retains ancestral memory of being an elf, but is Elaine a helmannigr, a human born with an elven soul?

While she trains and her teacher tries to determine if she is, indeed, helmannigr, she fights with her blocks against two of the seven elements that all wielders have access to. These blocks are killing her, as magic kills the untrained. Is the answer in Connemaigh, the abandoned city of the Sky Elves that she arrived at in “The Autumn of the Whitewood”, or is it elsewhere in this new and dangerous world?

An epic fantasy with elements of romance, a hint of sci-fi, and a creative plot, “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” uses traditional fantasy tropes with new twists, and challenges the boundaries of the genre of fantasy. “The Cliffs of Connemaigh” is nominated for the Summer Indie Books Award hosted by Metamorph Publishing.

NaNoWriMo 2016 is over!

How was your NaNoWriMo experience this year? Mine went really well with 72,885  words. I’m closer to finishing this book and series (The Chronicles of the Starborn). The downside is (or upside depending upon how you look at it) is that the event that I wanted to have happen at the end of book 7 still has not occurred. There might just be another book in the works for this series. 😀


Day 29, NaNoWriMo 2016

The second to last day is here! How goes your word counts? I’m now up at 69,731 words. I’ll break into 70k today and this one’s not looking even close to being done.

I’ve shared this picture before for NaNoWriMo inspirational pictures. I have always enjoyed it. I took it at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. It was part of their Sculpture in the Garden that they put on every year. Check them out here if you’d like to donate or visit the gardens. Good people. Enjoy!